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 July 18, 2012

Morning stuffiness

Lately I have been experiencing morning stuffiness in the sinuses.  Your sinus formula has been opening my passage ways and  breathing through the nose is noticebly better.
I know that if I experience a sinus infection that this medicine will Work. 

Thanks for your natural product. 

I look forward to using your prostate formula when it is ready for production.

Nicholas Last

 July 8, 2012

The Sinus Formula has been a life saver...

After going through 7 years of chemotherapy and several months of total body radiation, I developed chronic sinusitis which increased the risk of my lymphoma recurring.  Nature's Bioceutical's Sinus Support Formula has been a great blessing.  I have not had a sinus infection since I began using it a few months ago.  I breath significantly better and can enjoy more time with my family.  

Thank you!!!  - I strongly recommend this product!  -Joe

Sinus Support Formula

June 8, 2012

My husband received a sample of the Sinus Support Formula while we were at the Whole Foods Expo. It cleared his sinuses, PLUS we realized he was barely snoring when he used it. He uses it faithfully now, every night. His snoring has decreased by 90-100% !!

 THANK YOU!!  - I am ordering 2 bottles for him.

Edey Caldwell-Sanders, , MNLP,MCHT


May 03, 2012

I'm glad to testify that, I have used your products for the past 3 weeks and they have really helped me to relieve my allergens seasonal problems.

Thank you.

Rockson Bonnah

What a Relief!

May 1, 2012

I am a victim of horrendous sinus headaches and migranes, and I often have difficulty curing my ailments, even with the most popular drug store products. During an intense, four-day long sinus headache this past weekend, I tried this product for the first time. I must admit that I was a bit reluctant about the validity of the product, however, this formula was an absolute lifesaver and I couldn't possibly rave enough about it! Despite the initial sting of the product, this sinus formula instantly relieved the pressure from my sinuses and garnered me comfort whereas I had been suffering for several days.

Thank you,

Nature's Bioceuticals! Two thumbs up!


Blessing in a Bottle

May 1, 2012

My wife, Fredda, had been diagnosed with C.O.P.D. four years ago, and has been on oxygen for the last year.
Her mornings and nights were constantly filled with hacking and coughing, shortness of breath to the point I feared she might not be with me in the morning.

The doctors prescribed various powders to breath in, and a nebulizer to help her to breath better, but they hardly had any effect.
While browsing the internet looking for anything that I could find that might help her, I found Nature's Bioceauticals and their Breathing Formula; After reading Mr. Browns review I thought, if this is true, it was worth a try, I was desparate. So I ordered three bottles of the Breathing Formula and upon receiving them, Fredda took three doses a day, and within three weeks we took the oxygen tank back to the medical supply. It's been two months now and no more hacking or coughing {other than normal people do} and I take it too, so we both get a good nights sleep.

I want to thank you folks for this blessing.

Rev. Russell R. Stevenson , Fallon , Nevada

Sinus Support Formula

March 29, 2012

Hi Bob, A quick note to thank you for your efforts in providing me with your Sinus Support Formula. The product alleviated my symptoms within a few minutes and showed no side effects such as headaches that most pharmaceutical product cause me. A quick spray in each nostral in the morning and in the evening and I breath easily. It even stopped my eyes from watering. I hope this product will be available in the near future to everyone. In the meantime I will use it sparingly so as not to run out before you get this into production.

Thank you again!

Al Kucman, Guelph On , Canada.
PS: Your Breathing Relief Formula is working wonders for my wife! Thanks

Sinus Support Formula

Mar 10, 2012

I wanted to send you a testimonial about how amazing your Sinus Support Formula. I tried your product ExpoWest because I had a very bad viral infection in my sinuses for the past 10 days. Surprisingly, after only 1 dose I could feel my sinuses had improved dramatically. It really is an amazing product and I highly recommend it to others who are experiencing sinus infections.

Terry Q

Breathing Relief Formula

March 8, 2012

I was diagnosed with Asthma/COPD four months ago.I was prescribed Symbicort then a few months later Spiriva. My condition was complicated by a severe chest cold and sinus problems. After a few days on Spiriva I began having attacks where I couldn't catch my breath. Not sure whether these were bronchial spasms a side effect of spiriva or something else. After a week I stopped the Spiriva and the attacks ceased for a short time. My husband and I left for Florida and within two days these attacks resumed (usually at night after lying in a prone position.) Before leaving on holidays I had researched on the interenet and found a company, Nature's Bioceuticals who had an all natural Breathing Relief Formula ready for production.Being a firm believer in natural remedies, I phoned Florida and talked with Bob Dezanger. The first night after taking the Breathing Relief Formula, I had my best sleep in months. After one week using this formula, my breathing spasms have stopped completely. The shortness of breath caused by either asthma or COPD and was only abated by the use of mentioned puffers has stopped. By taking the suggested dose of formula for one week, I have little or no shortness of breath and take no other medication. I was hopeful and am now both thrilled and amazed! I look forward to a further lung function test in a few months to see if there is any reversal of my condition's affects on my lungs.

Rosemarie Kucman

Breathing Relief Formula

I have had Bronchitis and Emphysema since 1988. I would have and “attack” at least twice a year. I would cough so hard and long I would be unable to breathe and would be gulping for air. At this time I was not a big believer in herbs, so I tried the ER doctor’s medicines ( I worked at Jacksonville Hospital Emergency room at that time. Antibiotics and every kind of cough medicine they knew about. In 1999 my family doctor checked me and told me I had chronic Bronchitis and early stage of emphysema. He gave me pills and inhaler – I used them for about two months and could not tell any difference.

Now I was ready to try my husbands breathing relief formula. My first dose I could tell the difference. I got my first good nights sleep – no waking up coughing every few hours.
That made a believer out of me. I have been taking this breathing formula twice a day every day since. I do my normal activities with no difficulty breathing. Thank god for this formula.

Naomi Brown

Breathing Relief Formula

I have been taking the “Breathing Relief” and “cold formula” for my colds and breathing problems for 4 or 5 years. They have worked really great for me and also for my family.
What I like so much is they have no side effects, or drowsy feelings – just relief. Thanks so much to Gerald Brown for making such a great product I would not be without them.
They have made such a difference in my life. I am so grateful for this product.

Thanks Gerald Brown and god bless you

S.M. Pruitt

Gadsden, Al.

Breathing Relief Formula

When we first started using the Breathing remedy & the sinus spray I was going every winter 2 or 3 times to the Doctor for sinus troubles and impacted head, getting shots & anti Bionics, sometimes having to take 2 or 3 rounds of medicine to get well. Since we have been taking the breathing remedy & sinus spray, I have not had to go to the doctor for impacted head & sinus trouble! We also use the cold medicine when need with good results.

We are thankful that brother brown told us about these products and we would never want to be without them. My wife was coughing and at night she would lay down and start coughing. She could not stop and would have to sit up in a chair all night to get her breath. After 2 days on the breathing formula the cough was almost gone & she could sleep all night!

When it seems like a cold is coming on, we use the cold medicine - This will break up the cold, stop runny nose, etc. The breathing medicine, the cold formula and the sinus spray are 3 things we would not want to be without. The have saved us a ton of money in doctors bills and are a blessing.

Joe Hughes and the whole Hughes family

Breathing Relief Formula

March 8, 2009

I have been using your Breathing Formula now for the past 3 years and I could not be happier with the results. For people that have never had the misfortune to have had a breathing problem it is very difficult to accurately describe the shear terror that a breathing problem can cause anyone when you can not catch your breath.

I watched my mother suffer with COPD until her death from phenomena where she could run of breath reading to fast. She would set on the edge of the bed and do breathing treatments and steroid in-hailers one after the other, till she could catch her breath long enough to walk the 20 feet to her living room where she could relax in her chair and watch the world go buy, while all the time being tethered to her oxygen system

At age 60 and with a mild case of Asthma I have been worries that my condition would follow that of my mothers and I would also become dependent on a life of oxygen bottles, nebulizers and steroids to be able to breath. I am very happy to report that the use of your formula has eliminated any need for any prescription medicine or the use of breathing or oxygen support systems. I only wish that we could have met several years ago so that I might have shared some relief with my mother

I applaud you efforts and your true compassion for your fellow man. I would recommend your products and have done so gladly when I meet folks that I know would benefit from it.

Please continue your excellent work and do not hesitate to use me and a reference for anyone.


Hal Engelter