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Oregano Oil


Scientific NamesOregano Oil

Origanum Vulgaret  It is important not to confuse Oil of Oregano with common oregano that is used as a spice for cooking. Common oregano is typically Origanum Marjoram, while Oil of Oregano is derived from Origanum Vulgare.


Common Names  

Oregano Oil 

Oil of Oregano


Description of Plant(s) and Culture

Origanum vulgare  is the source for medicinal oil of oregano, containing the important compounds carvacrol and thymol. The carvacrol concentration is optimally 70 percent. It is these two compounds that appear to be behind this plants anti-microbial potency. This plant is found in the Mediterranean, only appearing for use in North America in the early part of the 1900s. il of oregano is used as an alternative treatment for a myriad of infections, with historical evidence of use in ancient Greece. Some studies have reported antimicrobial properties of oil of oregano, making it an attractive option for natural treatment of viruses, skin infections, digestive issues, food-borne infections and fungal infections.


Medicinal Properties

Some of the specific benefits of Oil of Oregano are:  

Skin Infections - Oil of Oregano can be applied directly onto the skin to treat itches, skin infections, and irritated gums, but only if it has been diluted. Always follow the instructions on your particular bottle before applying topically onto the skin, since highly concentrated oils may first need to be mixed with Olive Oil or Coconut Oil before application (usually one teaspoon of Olive Oil or Coconut Oil per one drop of Oil of Oregano.

Digestive Problems -  The high concentrations of thymol and carvacrol in Oil of Oregano have been shown to calm upset stomachs and aid digestion. Therefore, a quick home remedy for mild indigestion is to drink a glass of milk or juice that is mixed with 2 or 3 drops of the oil.

Sinus Congestion - Oil of Oregano is a wonderful natural remedy for sinus congestion. A common solution is to add 3 drops of the oil into a glass of juice and drink this mixture daily for 3 to 5 days.

Colds and Sore Throats - Oil of Oregano is an excellent early defense mechanism when you feel a cold or sore throat coming on. Simply take 3 drops of the oil once per day (you can mix it into a glass of orange juice) and you should notice results within a few hours. Repeat this once per day for up to 5 days until the symptoms are gone.


Biochemical Information

The main chemical constituents include carvacrol, thymol, limonene, pinene, ocimene, and caryophyllene. The leaves and flowering stems are strongly antiseptic, antispasmodic, carminative, cholagogue, diaphoretic, emmenagogue, expectorant, stimulant, stomachic and mildly tonic


Legends, Myths and Stories

Oregano was the world's first natural preservative. The herb is grown from a wood shrub native to the Mediterranean and the oil is extracted through steam distillation of the dried flowering portions. Easily acquired, oregano oil is produced mainly in Italy, Bulgaria and Russia. Monasteries of the 13th century used the oil hundreds of years ago for its calming effects. Up until the 1950s Oregano oil was used to sterilize pre-surgery instruments and is used worldwide today to treat a surprising number of ailments and conditions of the body.


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