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Nature’s Bioceuticals Has Received An Unsolicited Indication Of Interest From Foreign Distributor

Cape Coral, FL- October 31, 2011    
Nature’s Bioceuticals, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mistral Ventures Inc. (MILV.pk - News) announced that it has received an unsolicited request from a group Located in Santa Marta, Columbia that is desirous of distributing our natural medicines in a number of Latin American Countries. It is their intent to market to their contacts in both the private and government sectors.
Robert deZanger, CEO of Natures Bioceuticals stated “Our corporate strategy called for concentrating exclusively on US sales for the next 18-24 months of operations and it was not in our immediate plans to begin sales in foreign countries.  However, after careful consideration we have decided to move forward with the negotiation of an agreement and allow our products to be distributed in Latin America simultaneously with our US marketing and expansion plans. The decision was based on a number of supporting factors. Logistically it will be convenient to manufacture and ship products from contract manufacturing facilities in Miami and other south Florida locations. Further, a number of Latin American countries have Booming economies and therefore can afford programs utilizing our products. Also, marketing of our products for which we do not file a drug application with the FDA, that will be sold as “supplements” in the US, can possibly be sold as cures or treatments for specific diseases in certain Latin American countries without the need to be approved as a drug. Approval as a drug may also be possible inexpensively and quickly in some countries. This initial foreign distribution could possibility generate tens of millions of dollars in revenues without putting undue strain on the US operations” 
About Nature’s Bioceuticals: Nature’s Bioceuticals develops and acquires the rights to natural medicine formulas that are geared towards treating specific medical conditions. These medicines are all natural and derived from botanicals and mineral bases. Nature’s Bioceuticals strives to provide high quality natural medicines that are as effective, if not more effective, than synthetic drugs and more importantly do not have the negative side effects usually associated with many of today’s prescribed drugs.
Nature’s line of natural medicines will be either sold as prescription drugs, if applied for by the company and approved by the FDA, or sold as dietary supplements under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994, commonly referred to as "DSHEA"
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